Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need an ID?
A. Yes, a valid ID is required for all transactions

2) How does it work?
A. Schedule a pickup, we will come to your location and weigh/ price your items and pay you on the spot!

3) How many pounds do I need?
A. We ask that you have at least 300lbs accumulated of non-ferrous

4) Do you pick up appliances?
A. Please call or email us regarding appliances

5) Will I be paid on the spot?
A. Yes, we pay cash! If you would like a check, a receipt will be given, and we will mail it later that day.

6) Do you pick up Light Iron?
A. Please call or email regarding the contents you have.

7) Do you pick up heavy machinery?
A. Please call our main company Allied Recycling to inquire about heavy pieces

8) Do you pick up on Saturdays?
A. Yes, depending on quantity of material we can schedule a pick up.